Your website hit step one,100 followers towards the , however, beyond responding to service, didn’t revise next date

Your website hit step one,100 followers towards the , however, beyond responding to service, didn’t revise next date

Umbrony stopped drawing ways to have or getting Hamilton fandom, but proceeded to make most other fanart

Inside , Umbrony talked out from the ACAB way towards Facebook. Its statements was basically acquired badly, following lured prevalent mockery when people realized they were this new author away from Miku Binder Thomas Jefferson. It resulted in a revival away from attract as much as Umbrony’s Hamilton ways; Miku Binder Thomas Jefferson turned into so much more the most used and you may memed than simply it had prior to. Umbrony deleted all of their levels.

Self-confident Reception

People that received your site and its premise seriously was indeed those inside Hamilton fandom who’d already been engaging in equivalent headcanons and AUs of your musical’s emails. They usually are people who faith the newest cannon of one’s tunes shall be nearly totally separated regarding genuine record, and therefore exhilaration of your sounds cannon by no means romanticizes otherwise decreases situations from inside the actual-community record.

Your blog received several performs away from fanart according to research by the designs regarding profile sheet sets, and this inquire-crammaster-ham reblogged. However, particular had been later on removed by the OPs. Certain, whilst disagreeing with the premises of your headcanons for historical data, keep in mind that the newest artwork is useful, and additionally they carry out look for no problem with your character sheets in the event that these people were Amazing Characters.

tl;dr well done, your harassed some other queer musician out of color concise of considering committing suicide. both anyone outside the fandom And other people from inside the fandom was indeed guilty of so it. just how many far more moments is this attending continue taking place?

jay demonstrates to you his headcanons and you can instance after that in the first hook up provided. there are a lot more factors about reblogs of the post, as well. multiple individuals of colour coming pass employing thoughts and you may experiences.

however, very handful of these folks driving these awful listings try happy to pay attention. they don’t Must tune in. they won’t want to listen to that these trans and queer headcanons depend on the latest imaginary, tunes representations of one’s letters Just. they will not must read about just how many people have shown just how trans HCs and you will queer HCs had been soothing to them. they don’t want to read about the fresh deliberate casting of almost only individuals of colour from inside the Hamilton’s cast, nor exactly how energetic many cast players have activist movements and you can public fairness, or the charity works, otherwise any kind of one. it haven’t annoyed to research what the actors and you will actresses provides told you about their opportunities, on how they’ve physically looked after fixing your relationship the fresh new historic data having the newest, even more varied variation these are generally cast to play.

everyone is, as an alternative, even more dedicated to providing all over one to Thomas Jefferson/Alexander Hamilton/George Arizona Sucked, and that we were The Already Alert to….and was indeed willing to bully and you may harass a sitio de citas uniforme gratis black colored person who is certainly much Currently Real time only to strive to verify they. i have zero terms for how outlandish that is & i have no care for the way you would like to try justifying yourselves. for many who nonetheless believe you will be vindicated shortly after studying all this, idk things to inform you. you happen to be mean. get an extended, hard look at the on your own.

the purpose of this article is to try to lost specific light about what happened from the hopes this particular types of question can come quicker. to educate. most likely the second person in this fandom locate harassed such as for instance this will cross the latest line. we do not learn. we would like to avoid one to to we are able to, due to the fact no one, no one to may be worth to need to endure that it crap.

i’m posting so it having Jay’s permission b/c he has got zero demand for stepping into that it, neither to the fandom, any more. buy hello, i’m hoping that’s what you wanted, guys. ?\_(?)_/?

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