The doctor informed Shark you to definitely Rio’s position got worsened 30 minutes earlier

The doctor informed Shark you to definitely Rio’s position got worsened 30 minutes earlier

Barian Intrusion [ revise ]

One day immediately after university, Shark visited head to Rio regarding health, but went on the Yuma on your way, just who advised it Duel. Shark apologizes and you may refuses Yuma since told your he previously to help you wade come across Rio, he then believed the brand new arrival off Girag. Taking an unexpected telephone call from the healthcare regarding the Rio, Shark hurried indeed there which have Yuma and you will Tori locate Rio sobbing call at pain. Rio said you to emergency is future and that „they“ was in fact visiting use the key topic, even though Shark try perplexed that happen to be „they“. Yuma try entitled off to conserve their nearest and dearest off Fender, Shark attempted to follow, but Rio clutched their hand and you will stopped him. [57] Later on, Shark ultimately leftover the hospital and you can intercepted element of Fender’s gang, while Kite intercepted various other part of they. The two outdone all of them then reach Heartland Academy to share with Fender from his gang’s incapacity and present his assistance in order to Yuma to take on up against the Barian Community. [28]

Whenever Shark heard you to Rio’s process was successful, he visited rating the lady whenever she is actually released, however, try met by the Ways once more

When you find yourself making school, Shark is actually contacted from the Art Stanley, brand new creator of one’s Comic Guide Prefer Bar, who want to put your since the design to own their comical. He shown Shark his character profile models which he had built away from Shark, but Shark shrugged your off. Whenever visiting Rio, he offered the girl among the many rings from their youth, unknown you to definitely Art is prying into your. Ways informed him that he got their sis and that they would have to Duel. Unbeknownst so you’re able to Shark, Artwork is helping new Barian Globe, that have getting Girag’s most recent pawn. When Shark made an effort to prevent among Art’s motions having „Zeus‘ Air“, Artwork threatened Rio and Shark chose to not trigger his card. Attempting to deal with an excellent „Number“, Artwork provided Shark the components he needed seriously to Summon „Shark Drake“, which Shark did. Artwork countered that it because of the Ranking Up his „Comics Hero Queen Arthur“ into „CXyz Comics Champion Legend Arthur“. Once the Shark recalled the brand new rings away from their cousin, the effectiveness of their thread smashed the fresh new Barian’s miracle and you may Rio try freed. Brand new bandages travelled from the lady deal with and you will she insulted Shark’s Dueling event whenever she unsealed the girl sight, so you’re able to their aggravation. Today in a position to Duel on their greatest, Shark outdone Ways with „Amount C32: Shark Drake Veiss“. Shark after that reunited together with sister and transmitted her out. Later in school, Shark try shown an excellent samurai-drawing off himself of the Artwork, but the guy nevertheless displayed absolutely nothing need for they and you will stepped off. [12]

Just like the Rio began to return to college or university, Shark remaining their house instead of this lady and you can hurried to school. Even with trying are unseen, he got together which have Yuma, exactly who requested your what’s incorrect. Shark started initially to identify that which was completely wrong, but are interrupted by the Rio’s coming, along with her getting in touch with him imply to possess making instead of their. Later, Shark consumed food which have Rio, Yuma, and his family atop away from a threshold, even if Shark seated besides the classification. Whenever Rio arrive at explore your, Shark slashed this lady away from and you can yelled within the girl, however, averted immediately following Rio glared at the your. After seeing a group of boys and you will Bronk smitten that have Rio, Shark informed her or him that Rio is a keen „ice lady“ and they will find out what the guy mode soon. Afterwards, Shark secretly spotted Rio Duel against Lotus Hanazoe and would go to this lady just after she wins, getting in touch with this lady Duel „so-so“ and you will questioned risorse in the event the she requires one guidance from your. Whenever you are strolling family, Shark talks that have Yuma on the Rio, and mocked her one she hid about your whenever she had scared from the a cat, leading to Rio getting in touch with your an effective „meanie“. [16] When Yuma held a beneficial „Friendship Games“ because opportinity for their friends and you will Rio to eliminate assaulting having each other, Shark is actually somehow dragged engrossed also, and you will unwillingly took part in they. He was matched up up with Yuma, and you can was able to set its team in the lead with his experiences for the Dueling and you will sporting events. But not, Shark actually leaves going household just before he and you can Yuma you certainly will deal with Tori and Cathy on final Duel, making Rio and you will Caswell to spell it out his unwillingness to stay the fresh new tournament any longer. [10]

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